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Your complete guide for the rules of the race

USA Cycling Rule Book

The USA Cycling rule book aims to provide consistent competition guidelines, and ensure safety and fair play across all cycling events. 

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> USA Cycling Rules & Policies

Race Rules

Download the Tech Guide here.

  1. Momentum Indy is held under USA Cycling permit #5822.

  2. All USA Cycling rules apply.

  3. Free-lap rule is in effect. Lapped riders may be pulled at the officials discretion.

  4. Riders must present a valid 2022 USA Cycling license at registration to enter any race. Novice One-day Race licenses (men, women, or juniors) may be purchased for $10 upon registering online or onsite. Any former member with a racing category excluded by the Novice One-day Race license is eligible to purchase an Experienced One-day Race license for $25 once per year.

  5. Race promoter reserves the right to shorten, modify, cancel or combine any race or prize list in the event of insufficient entries, acts of God, fire, flood, natural disaster, war or threat of war, acts or threats of terrorism, civil disorder, unauthorized strikes, governmental regulation or advisory, recognized health threats as determined by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, or local government authority or health agencies (including but not limited to the health threats of COVID-19, H1N1, or similar infectious diseases). 

  6. Masters Cat 1-4 40+/50+/60+ shall be scored separately. Purse to be paid to the overall finishers in the race, not per age group. 

  7. Pre-registration closes on Thursday at 11:59pm EST the week of the event.

  8. Onsite Registration will open 2 hours prior to the start of the first race and close 30 minutes before the start of each race. No discounts will be offered for registering for a second race.   PLEASE NOTE: WALK-UP REGISTRATION IS CREDIT CARD ONLY. NO CASH, NO CHECKS.

  9. Results are final on race day so please be sure to check results immediately after your race.

  10. Helmets required.

  11. Online pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Sadly, there are NO REFUNDS.  If COVID 19 conditions force a cancellation of the 2022 event, all entry will be transferred to the 2023 edition.

Payout Schedule

Click here to view the payout schedule.

Payout Procedures
  1. All prizes will be sent to winners via PAYPAL the week following the event. 

  2. When you collect your bib at Registration, please verify your NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE NUMBER.

  3. We will not mail physical checks. 

  4. Individuals with combined winnings of $600 or more (including cash primes) will be required to complete an IRS form W-9 prior to being issued their prize money. It is your responsibility to complete the W-9 and send it to us: or pick up a paper copy at Registration. 

  5. All prize winnings will be issued to individual racers, not the race teams.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  6. Please verify results within the standard 15-minute protest period for each race. All results will be final after the protest period has ended. 

Omnium Scoring
  1. Omnium: Men Pro/1 race: $2,500 overall-15 places (pts based); Women Pro 1/2 race: $2,500 overall-15 places (pts based).

  2. Points: 25, 20, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point.

  3. Riders are required to register for all races in order to qualify for the Omnium. 

  4. Scoring of Ties: In case of a tie on total points, the tie will be broken in favor of the rider who has:

    • (a) The most first place finishes,

    • (b) If still tied, the most second place finishes, etc.,

    • (c) If still tied, the highest placing in the last race, or the race nearest the last race of the omnium in which at least one of the tied riders placed.


Protest Period & Results

Please note that the protest period for results is 15 minutes after results have been posted. According to the USA Cycling Rule Book, a protest regarding the final results must be made within 15 minutes after the announcement of results in order for riders to be eligible for prizes.  Please report to the Chief Judge within that time period if you wish to protest your results. 


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