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Can I come for a ride and feel it out before I spend $$ to join?

Yes, absolutely! Divas rides are open to members and non-members for their first three (3) rides. 


What kind of bike am I supposed to get?

Any bike shop in the Indy area can help you figure out what sort of bike will work best for your comfort, budget, and riding goals. Women in Divas ride new bikes, borrowed bikes, and secondhand bikes. They ride cruisers, hybrid bikes, road bikes, off-road bikes, E-bikes and everything in between. Have the bike shop affirm your bike is road worthy (tires are good, chain is good, etc.).  


Do I need to meet any standards or criteria to join?  

Divas is an inclusive program for women of all ages, stages, and abilities! If you have concerns, please reach out and ask! We are launching the first satellite chapter of Divas because we know that the sport of cycling can be intimidating and we wish to foster a community of welcoming, diverse, and empowering women cyclists and volunteers. We ask that you are able to safely ride a bike on paved trails or around a parking lot. Our beginner’s group, Dolly, named after the queen of country music and icon of allyship, welcomes members new to cycling, teaches bike handling skills, and stays on paved trails away from traffic.


I’m joining to make friends. Is that okay?

Yes!   Our organizational goal is to prepare women to be safe cyclists and we welcome members whose personal riding goals fit under that umbrella. We are the IU Health Momentum Indy Divas, so our training season is structured to prepare you for that event, but we’d love to have you if you’re riding for a different reason. Women join to make friends, for fitness, to train for a cycling event or triathlon, to learn how to ride in group rides, to train to go faster than the divas with the dream of joining a team; if your goal includes being part of a cycling community, we’re here for it.

How do I choose which group to join?  

We can help you decide! We usually recommend that you have some idea of your pace and choose the group below your comfortable pace for your first ride so that you can learn the skills and etiquette of group riding. We encourage you to move groups and challenge yourself as your skills and ability grow. You’ll make friends no matter who you ride with in Divas.


What do I need to bring?  



  • Bike

  • Helmet

  • Sunglasses

  • Jersey/tee and shorts - riders generally wear padded bike shorts, but that is not a requirement.

  • Water & bottle

  • Any snacks or in-the-bottle nutrition you feel you will need during the ride.

  • Socks

  • Shoes

  • Extra tube

Suggested but not required:

  • Tire levers

  • Pump or CO2 inflator

  • Bike lights - Day or night for visibility on the road.

  • Bike computer

In the car:

  • Rain jacket

  • Vest or jacket

  • Regular shoes for post-ride

  • Sweatshirt or jacket for post ride

What should I expect when I show up to my first Thursday evening ride? 

A parking lot full of riders unloading their bike racks and vehicles, preparing their bikes, getting ready to ride, and catching up with friends. Our coordinator, Gigi Beck, and other ride leaders will be there to greet you and answer questions. The ride will start from the back of the Gray Goat Bicycle Co. bike shop where they have restrooms for last minute bio breaks. Friendly Divas or ride leaders can help you find your pace group. Divas will introduce themselves to one another while waiting for everyone to arrive. Before the ride, the ride leader will introduce themself, explain the plans for the evening’s ride, and provide any safety information.  


Can I show up 15 minutes early to meet my ride leader (and maybe get my bike checked out)?  



Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please reach out to Gigi Beck if you have a question about our program

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