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Process of elimination leads to lifelong passion

Updated: May 29

You probably wouldn’t guess that Jeremy Wilson found his way to cycling through a process of elimination. After all, when you consider that he scores podium finishes in elite cycling competitions, operates a business that caters to cyclists, has started amateur cycling teams and more, you’d be forgiven for assuming he’s been cycling seriously since he cast off his training wheels.


But 47-year-old Wilson was well into his 20s before he really got the cycling bug. Then he clipped in with a passion, using a drive for excellence and a belief in the power of science to increase not only his own cycling prowess but also that of other area cyclists, as well as people who simply want to improve their fitness.


A Ball State University exercise science and wellness grad, Wilson ran track for the Cardinals and took up endurance running after college. When running started to get boring, he decided to spice things up with triathlons. Quickly discovering that he hated swimming, he switched to duathlons, and did well enough to become nationally ranked and qualify for the 2011 duathlon world championships. Eventually, though, he burned out on running altogether … and went all-in with cycling.


“I rode bikes when I was a kid so, instantly, when I took up cycling again, it brought back all the joy of riding when I was a kid,” Wilson said. “Not to mention, it kept the competitive spirit in me going full force!”


Also a passionate entrepreneur, Wilson operates IU Health Momentum Indy presenting sponsor VisionQuest Labs, a combination cycling studio and high-tech performance training operation that offers access to exclusive tools and a range of services. Based on a concept developed by former pro cyclist Robbie Ventura, “VQ Labs” is one of only two places in the U.S. where athletes can use PowerWatts bikes and software to enhance their training (other locations are scattered across Canada, Europe and the Middle East).


VQ Labs training programs are supported by high-tech science, assessing everything from body density and blood-oxygen levels to resting metabolic rates and sodium levels in sweat. A key component of its technology is the DEXA Body Composition Scan, which gives comprehensive measurements of body fat and bone density. After DEXA technology was featured in the Netflix series “You Are What You Eat,” in early 2024, VQ Labs was inundated with requests for the scans.


“All of this takes a lot of the guesswork out of training,” Wilson said. “You end up with both a blueprint for better fitness and a roadmap for getting stronger.”


A number of athletes competing and participating in IU Health Momentum Indy events, including members of the VQ Labs-sponsored Divas, train with VQ Labs. In addition, Wilson and his business have been key supporters of the weekend of cycling, with VQ Labs serving as presenting sponsor for the Momentum Indy weekend and as co-sponsor for the Honor Major Taylor Fondo.


“At VQ Labs, we love to support local, like-minded groups such as Momentum Indy,” Wilson said. “We both have the best intentions of supporting the entire cycling community, from the person just getting on their bike for the first time to the person racing for the 1,000th time.”


Of course, a passionate cyclist like Wilson can’t be expected to stay on the sidelines for Central Indiana’s biggest cycling weekend. The former Cat 3 Indiana State Road Race Champion has participated in a number of Indy Crits and Mass Ave Crits over the years, often earning a spot on the podium. Last year, riding in Masters 40+ races for Texas Roadhouse, he notched a second place at the Indy Crit and 3rd at the Mass Ave Crit.


“I absolutely love to compete,” Wilson said. “I love the ‘butterfly in the stomach’ thrill, even at the age of 47! It keeps me feeling young and keeps my motivation and passion for cycling at a high level.


“I’d be lying if I said it’s just about the competition,” he added. “I hate to lose, and that’s what keeps me coming back for more.”


WHY I RIDE: “Cycling is my therapy. It’s what I truly love. From racing to training to riding solo at 6 a.m. to the group ride when the sun in coming up, it doesn’t get much better than that!”

To learn more about how you can train with Jeremy, please visit VQ Labs.

About VQ Labs

VisionQuest Labs is a unique facility that combines health & performance testing and indoor cycling classes to help you unlock your true potential. Whether you're returning to fitness or looking to find a podium spot, VQLabs has a selection of services that range from helping you to better understand your body composition (Dexa Scan) to sweat tests (Precision Hydration) to state-of-the-art metabolic analysis (INSCYD). For cyclists, triathletes and general fitness enthusiasts, VQLabs offers fun and engaging indoor cycling classes as well as outdoor rides during the summer. To learn more about all the things VQ Labs can do for you, please visit their site.

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