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A Competitive Sport with Community - Steve Paraboschi / International Medical Group (IMG)

Updated: May 21

Getting to Know Steve

Steve began cycling after hurting his back in 2016. His doctor suggested he get into low-impact sports. He loves to be out in nature, so he decided he wanted to experience the world through cycling. Fast forward to now; Steve cycles to work on a regular basis and has woven cycling into his daily life.

Questions and Answers

What has Cycling Meant to You Over the Years?

“I’ve always been the type of person to focus on a goal whether it be personal or professional. Cycling is a sport that allows you to compete with yourself and compete with other people.” - Steve Paraboschi

Cycling also has the added health benefit of being low-impact and has helped him regain mobility after his back injury. Steve enjoys being involved with long-distance, organized events where he can spend time with fellow cyclists.

How does your love of cycling tie into your work at IMG?

“We have a ‘Work hard, play hard’ mentality at IMG.” - Steve Paraboschi

Cycling, like most sports, takes a great amount of dedication. Steve and his fellow employees are dedicated inside and outside of work. They believe that having a release outside of work is important as it provides a way to clear your head, which can help you be more engaged and productive at work.

What would you like to tell IU Health Momentum Indy goers about the travel insurance products IMG offers?

IMG is a global provider of insurance benefits and assistance services. IMG’s travel insurance and travel medical insurance products could be especially beneficial for IU Health Momentum Indy goers who like to travel. An example of when a travel insurance plan would be helpful is if you need to cancel a trip after investing thousands of dollars in non-refundable deposits. Having the proper protection in this situation is critically important.

“We have a full array of travel and health safety products for all traveling demographics, whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally.” - Steve Paraboschi

You’re a new sponsor of IU Health Momentum Indy this year. How did you get involved?

IMG was interested in a potential sponsorship before COVID hit. Now that travel demand is surging, IMG is happy to get on board with IU Health Momentum Indy. Steve says that IMG loves to support nonprofits and the community and in the past has hosted blood drives and fundraisers to support veterans in the past.

“I’m excited that IU Health Momentum Indy combines supporting the local Indy community with a focus on fitness and health.” - Steve Paraboschi

What is your advice to someone who wants to get into cycling, but is hesitant?

Steve emphasizes the importance of the cycling community:

“It’s amazing to see how if you get a flat tire while riding your bike, every cyclist who passes you will offer to help.” - Steve Paraboschi

Although cycling can be daunting, don’t let the fancy terms, eclectic outfits, or expenses of the equipment scare you off. There are plenty of bicycle shops that are willing to help you get started, and fellow cyclists are always willing to give their time and advice.

Closing Thoughts

It’s truly the community that cycling creates that keeps Steve on the bike. Steve is looking forward to watching the event this August. Will you be there?

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