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Get Healthy in a Fun Way - Sam Elmore / Indiana Sports Corporation

Updated: May 21

Getting to Know Sam

Sam got into cycling after encouragement from his dad, who has been cycling for 10 years. Sam cycled in his youth, but got back into it about two years ago. He’s always been competitive, having played college football, and once he was on the bike and working to improve his time, he was hooked. He describes himself as a “weekend warrior,” meaning he cycles for one large chunk every weekend versus daily rides or long marathons that last days at a time.

Questions and Answers

What has Cycling Meant to You Over the Years?

Sam was able to lose quite a bit of weight, 35 lbs, mostly within his first year of taking up cycling. Now that he has a growing family, cycling also allows Sam to spend quality time with them by biking on the Monon and other trails around Indianapolis. Sam also appreciates the community and social aspect of cycling - he always sees lots of fellow cyclists when he goes out on the road.

How does your love of cycling tie into your work at Indiana Sports Corporation?

“The Indiana Sports Corp is all about creating economic impact through sports events” - Sam Elmore

Indiana Sports Corporation puts on an event called the Corporate Challenge, and within that event is a cycling time trial. Sam has experience participating in the time trial before but is now more on the promoting side of things. Indiana Sports Corporation also partners with Dan & Leigh Dakich in supporting Dakich Cycles for the City to collect donations and use those donations to purchase bikes for kids in underserved communities across the state of Indiana to promote health and wellness.

While Sam himself has not participated in the IU Health Momentum Indy before, he has talked with Momentum in the past about creating a partnership and what that might look like. Sam sees the potential to grow IU Health Momentum Indy to be the premier bike race in the Midwest.

What is your advice to someone who wants to get into cycling, but is hesitant?

“Just get on a bike and go out and try it!” - Sam Elmore

There are a lot of great trails and infrastructure in central Indianapolis. Cycling is a great way to get outside and embrace health and fitness. It’s interesting how a lot of friendships can blossom over bonding in cycling.

Closing Thoughts

Sam really puts it best - “If you’re looking for something to do that is healthy and fun, you really can’t find a better option.”

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