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Data-driven workouts lead to improved fitness

Updated: Apr 19

Longtime runner and personal trainer Sherri Branaman has been teaching spin classes for about a decade, but it wasn’t until an injury sidelined her from running that she really took up cycling.

Sherri Branaman preparing for her VQ Labs class with the IU Health Momentum Indy Divas
Sherri Branaman, VQ Labs, Divas

Her outdoor rides quickly won her over. But then cold weather eventually put an end to those rides, leaving Sherri dreading the idea of a winter cycling alone in the basement.


Fortunately, out of the blue, she stumbled across an Instagram ad for VQ Labs. “It was like, wow, this sounds great,” she said. A few days later, she walked into a class. She’s been hooked ever since.


“What makes it different is that it’s data-driven,” she said. “I’ve worked out all my life, but now I see in real time my performance based upon my personal metrics that were determined by the testing results at VQ Labs. I didn’t want to guess anymore. I wanted to know with certainty so I could train and train well.”


VQ Labs indoor cycling sessions are small, ten people max, and the rides, created by pro cyclist Robbie Ventura, are creative. While everyone is doing the same ride, each bike is set to the level needed to give that particular rider the optimum workout.


In her first five months taking classes twice a week at VQ, Sherri saw her fitness levels leap – improvements she not only could feel but also could see through clear metrics.


When weather turned warmer and she rode outdoors again, Sherri upped her game once more by joining the Divas and doing outdoor rides with them all summer. “The Divas were a godsend,” she said. “I personally expanded my friendship circle.”


And then Sherri saw another indicator of her growth: At the end of the Divas season, VQ Labs owner Jeremy Wilson asked her to lead indoor rides. Now, after a winter of leading cycling classes for Divas at VQ Labs, she is excited to see how the women’s hard work transfers onto the open road she loves so much. “We’ve had classes twice a week since November,” she said. “I can’t wait to see how well those women do on our outdoor rides this year.”

To learn more about how you can train like Sherri, please visit VQ Labs.

About VQ Labs

VisionQuest Labs is a unique facility that combines health & performance testing and indoor cycling classes to help you unlock your true potential. Whether you're returning to fitness or looking to find a podium spot, VQLabs has a selection of services that range from helping you to better understand your body composition (Dexa Scan) to sweat tests (Precision Hydration) to state-of-the-art metabolic analysis (INSCYD). For cyclists, triathletes and general fitness enthusiasts, VQLabs offers fun and engaging indoor cycling classes as well as outdoor rides during the summer. To learn more about all the things VQ Labs can do for you, please visit their site.

Upcoming VQ Labs Events and Camps

Michigan Training Camp - June 26-30, 2024

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