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One in 10 American adults reported having ridden a bike for the first time in a year (or longer) since the onset of Covid-19. Bicycling as an activity and the industry that supports it has seen a massive jump in participation and sales in 2020. 


In April alone cycling sales increased over 100% from the previous year and since the onset of COVID, each month has seen substantial increases.  The growth has primarily been in the lower cost categories along with huge jumps in children’s bike sales.  ​


So, what does this mean for our Indiana cycling community?


More and more new riders, families and kids are realizing the many benefits of bicycling. In a recent survey taken by Trek Bicycles, 60%+ of respondents said that they use cycling as a way to relieve stress and anxiety during the COVID outbreak. And once on their bikes, these benefits will help them continue to improve both their mental and physical health.


How does this impact Momentum Indy events?


With this heightened interest in bicycling, we will tailor our marketing so the abundance of varied events during the Momentum Indy weekend will have the opportunity to appeal to a much larger audience.  We anticipate more racers than ever in our 11 year history and are excited to think about the influx of families to the Kids Zone. And with two days of world class racing, we expect that spectators will converge on Indy and line the streets to watch the start-to-finish action.


With more people on bikes than ever before, Momentum Indy will get people excited to do what helped them with the stress of the outbreak, and that is ride their bike.  But better yet, they will get to ride and enjoy the festival with their neighbors, family, and friends all in a safe and spacious environment. 

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